Fusion 360 Rules and Guidelines

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Fusion 360 Rules and Guidelines

1. The shared VEX parts library is in a folder labelled "V5 Parts 2.0". You may freely use parts in your project. However, we ask that you please do not modify any of the files inside, as modifying these files will modify them for everyone else. If you would like to learn how to modify parts without affecting the source files, please watch the video in our section Fusion 360 for VEX EDR.

The Shared VEX Part Library "V5 Parts 2.0"

2. In order to collaborate with your team, create a new project for your team in Fusion 360. Please do not put any of your work in the shared VEX parts library.

Your project folder is where you should save all of your future designs and project files.

New Project Button

3. To make sure your team members have access to the project folder, you can click on the folder, and then go to "People" on the top right. This will allow you to view everyone who has access to your project, and invite anyone you'd like!

Double Click Your Project to Open It

Click on the "People" tab on the top right to view and invite people to your project.

Additional Note: If you would like to begin experimenting with Fusion 360 before teams have been formed, feel free to create a project for yourself!