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VEXcode is the language and software that VEX EDR robots are programmed in. VEXcode is a modified version of C++ built for VEX Robotics.

Learn more about VEXcode Text here (VEXcode also has VEXcode Blocks, a drag-and-drop interface similar to scratch, but we will be using VEXcode text):

Download VEXcode

Go to, and scroll down to "VEXcode V5 Text". Download VEXcode for your appropriate operating system.

Learning VEXcode

If you have previous programming experience, especially with C++ or a similar language, programming in VEXcode may come relatively quick to you. Regardless, we have compiled a list of resources below that we believe will be useful to both those who have previous coding experience, as well as those who do not.

4-Part VEXcode Tutorial

To start off, we recommend watching this intuitive 4-part tutorial on VEXcode.

Other Helpful Videos


Playlist contents:

  • C++ VEXCode V5 Text Tutorials - Autonomous PID and Multitasking
  • C++ VEXCode V5 Text Tutorials - Basic Programming Clawbot Arm and Claw
  • C++ VEXCode V5 Text Tutorials - Programming the Clawbot Drivetrain THE RIGHT WAY
  • C++ VEXCode V5 Text Tutorials - Variables, if, else if, else, and while Statements
  • C++ VEXCode V5 Text Tutorials - The Interface, Robot Configuration, Competition Template
  • C++ VEXCode V5 Text Tutorials - Installing VEXCode