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VEXcode is the language and software that VEX EDR robots are programmed in. VEXcode is a modified version of C++ built for VEX Robotics.

Learn more about VEXcode Pro here (VEXcode also has VEXcode Blocks, a drag-and-drop interface similar to scratch, but we will be using VEXcode pro):

Note: VEX recently renamed their "VEXcode Text" program into "VEXcode Pro". The new "VEXcode Text" is now a drag-and-drop-style programming interface completely different from the original.

Download VEXcode

Go to, and scroll down to "VEXcode Pro V5". Download VEXcode for your appropriate operating system.

Learning VEXcode

If you have previous programming experience, especially with C++ or a similar language, programming in VEXcode may come relatively quick to you. Regardless, we have compiled a list of resources below that we believe will be useful to both those who have previous coding experience, as well as those who do not.

4-Part VEXcode Tutorial

To start off, we recommend watching this intuitive 4-part tutorial on VEXcode.

Additional Resources

How to Access Example Code in VEXcode

Check Out These Slides to Learn More About (must use LCPS Google Account):

  • Basics (semicolon, brackets, etc.)

  • directionType

  • velocityUnits

  • motor spin/braking

  • types of braking

  • sleeping