Planned Building Schedule

The period of the Planned Building Schedule will begin after all club members have been finalized, and teams have been created. By following this schedule, teams should have a complete, functional, and optimized robot within 2 months.

Stage 1

Duration: 3 weeks

Club members will ideate on robot designs, and construct a complete model in Fusion 360™. As a general rule, robot equipment will not be distributed during this time to concentrate focus on the virtual design stage, although some members may be provided with VEX equipment to help familiarize them with the workings and interactions of VEX parts.

Stage 2

Duration: 1 week

The different sections of the robot will be split among team members to build. Team members will then be provided the necessary parts to construct their section, and will be responsible for completing that section.

Stage 3

Duration: 1 week

One team member, the integrator, will be provided all the completed sections to integrate them into the robot and conduct basic component tests.

Stage 4

Duration: 1 week

The robot will be transferred to the coder to ensure all code functions as planned by interacting and working with the section developers and integrator (section developers may also choose to write their own code for their sections to send to the coder to integrate).

Stage 5

Duration: 1 week

The robot will then be moved to the driver to test and provide test results. Driver should work with the rest of the team virtually to ensure robot functions as planned (for example, by using a video stream).

To increase optimization, this step is very easily combined with Stage 5 into a joint-stage.

Continued Optimization

Robot will then be moved back between the integrator, coder, driver, and section developers as necessary to make changes based upon mutual feedback. Robot should be ready within two weeks for competition.