Club Fee Info

Due to the overwhelming uncertainties caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, a number of changes have been made affecting the club fee.

Club Fee Suspension

The club fee will be temporary postponed for all members who join for the 2020 - 2021 season due to the COVID-19 situation. The club will not charge the club fee until it has to in order to cover mandatory/highly necessary expenses, or until competitions are officially confirmed, whichever one comes first.

Although the club will not charge the club fee immediately at the beginning of the new season, all joining members should have the expectation and know that they will be capable of covering the club fee once it is issued, as well as have the understanding that the club fee, once it is issued, will be mandatory.

How much is the club fee?

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming uncertainly of the COVID-19 situation, the ACL VEX Robotics Club is unable to give an exact amount for the club fee at this time.

However, the range of the club fee should not exceed $200 - $350.

Once the club fee is issued, it will be a certain amount. All joining members should have a comprehension and understanding of the possible range of the club fee and know that they will be able to cover it prior to joining.

Refund Policy

Under certain circumstances, the ACL VEX Robotics Club may provide a full or partial refund of a member's club fee at its discretion. However, the ACL VEX Robotics Club has no obligation to provide a refund in any form at all and may refuse to do so for any reason. This includes members who are kicked out of or otherwise disciplined within the club due to their own actions and behaviors. Club members should not join having the expectation of any form of refund or recourse.