December Tasks List

+ Announcement

Currently, only 6 out of 17 club members have successfully installed Fusion 360 and requested access to our Fusion 360 group and VEX parts library.

Multiple tasks, including the Fusion 360 download, were sent out on a Remind over 1 month ago.

As VEX does not wait forever, neither can we.

Because of this, all club members who have not completed all tasks detailed on this page by Wednesday, Dec. 9th, at 11:59 pm will be removed from the club.


Please Obtain & Download Fusion 360 + Request VEX Library Access

Please follow the instructions available at this page to obtain and download Fusion 360.

Once you have downloaded Fusion 360, please fill out the form at so that we can add you to our Fusion 360 VEX parts library. We will also be using this form to document who has downloaded Fusion 360.

Please Download VEXcode

Please download VEXcode using the instructions on this page. Additionally, we highly recommend getting started on some of the VEXcode learning resources available at the same page.

Once you have downloaded VEXcode, please fill out the form at so we can know (please use your LCPS Google account).

If you have any trouble

If you have any trouble downloading or installing anything, including any issues/delays with obtaining the Fusion 360 license, please fill out the below form! Submissions on this form will act as a formal record of any issues so you do not get removed if you are unable to complete all tasks by the deadline due to any technical difficulties. If we do not receive submissions on the two previous forms related to both tasks nor any submissions regarding issues on this form by the deadline then we will be forced to assume inaction on your part and remove you from the club.

If you do make a form submission with any issues, we would be happy to help! Please send a message to Alex on Remind along with any form submissions (for a faster response time) and we will assist you with any problems.


View Your Progress

You can view your completion status of tasks at this link. Please note that our only way to determine if a task is done is if you have filled out the Google Form associated with that task, so please make sure you do so.