2021 Summer Experience

The ACL VEX Robotics Club plans to run a "summer experience" at the Academies of Loudoun this August for members of the club who join before the experience. Although the details of this summer experience aren't completely finalized due to uncertainties with many different factors, a basic outline of our plans for it include:

  • A duration of a 3-5 hours per the day for a 5 day period at the Academies of Loudoun

  • An opportunity for participants to learn about VEX, build/code robots in teams, and compete with each other using actual VEX equipment

  • Lunch everyday

  • A t-shirt for all participants

  • A certificate of completion

Additionally, although the actual cost of running the experience would be greater, we plan to subsidize the cost per person with our own money down to around $20-25 to hopefully increase its accessibility.

Updates and further details regarding the summer experience will be made here as we continue to figure it out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.